British commissioner: Lilian Somerville.

Selection committee: Sir Philip Hendy, Alan Bowness, Roland Penrose, Sir Herbert Read, J M Richards and Sir John Rothenstein.

Works by Ceri Richards, Robert Adams and Hubert Dalwood were shown in the British Pavilion. A catalogue was published by The British Council. No ISBN. Catalogues (Dutch and French only), with essays on the artists by John Russell, J P Hodin and Norbert Lynton, and for the Paris edition with a foreword by Jean Cassou, were published to accompany the showings in Delft and Paris. No ISBN numbers.

Works by each artist were subsequently toured as separate exhibitions.

Further reading
Britain at the Venice Biennale 1895-1996, edited by Sophie Bowness and Clive Phillpot, The British Council, London 1995. ISBN 0 86355 283 8