British Commissioners: Sir Philip Hendy and Lillian Somerville.

Selection committee: Sir Philip Hendy, Sir Herbert Read, J M Richards, Sir John Rothenstein and Lilian Somerville.

Works by Kenneth Armitage, S W Hayter and Willaim Scott were show in the British Pavilion. A catalogue was published by The British Council. No ISBN. A catalogue (Dutch only), with an essay by Herbert Read, was published for the Rotterdam showing. Catalogues, French only were published for the Paris and Brussels showings,, with a preface by Jean Cassou and an essay by Herbert Read,. A German edition was published for the Cologne venue with a foreword by Otto H Föster. No ISBN numbers

Further reading
Britain at the Venice Biennale 1895-1996, edited by Sophie Bowness and Clive Phillpot, The British Council, London 1995. ISBN 0 86355 283 8