This exhibition opens the New Curtois Gallery at The Collection linking archaeology and contemporary art. Wunderkammer: The Artificial Kingdom is curated by the artist Edward Allington in co-ordination with Jeremy Webster the Senior Keeper at The Collection. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a full colour catalogue with an essay by Edward Allington.

Wunderkammer: The Artificial Kingdom is an exhibition about the difference and similarity of art and archaeology, both historically and symbolically. They are both ways of understanding our place within the world. Museums started with collections of objects which evoked the wonder of life. Assemblages of historical and natural curiosities were arranged in glass cabinets to arouse aesthetic pleasure and curiosity. They were part of a fascination with the unknown that we now call science. These cabinets were known as ‘Wunderkammer’ literally meaning ‘cabinet of wonder’.

The exhibition aims to mirror the archaeological collection that the new museum has been built to house, whilst celebrating the way artists continually reinvent the world by creating ‘worlds within the world’.

The exhibition will include well-known artists such as: Hannah Collins, Dan Graham, Arman, Marc Quinn, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Hacke, Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Euan Uglow and John McCraken. Overlooked but historically significant artists such as John de Andrea, Ernest Trova and Eduardo Paolozzi. Well-known younger artists such as Lucy Gunning, Hew Locke, John Issacs and Mark Hosking as well as emerging artists such as Raimi Gbadamosi, Kang Hyun Ahn and Karen Tang.