The main summer exhibition this year focused on the paintings and drawings of one of the most extraordinary and best-loved British artists of the twentieth century. Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) is well known for his mysterious and visionary images of biblical scenes, intensely observed landscape paintings and brutally realistic and intimate portraits of the people he knew and loved.

Spencer's paintings are very personal and his imagery is strange and fantastic, combining the real and the imaginary. Throughout his life he developed a unique vision, which explored his inner feelings towards religion and sexuality centred on his own life and relationships.

The exhibition included a carefully selected group of paintings and drawings, which demonstrated Spencer's unique vision and his ideas. This exhibition was organised in collaboration with Tate as part of the Tate Partnership Scheme

Full catalogue for this exclusive exhibition at Abbot Hall detailing 26 works in the show.
In depth background information to each painting.
68 pages
26 colour reproductions
ISBN: 1-902498-09-7