Euan Uglow (1932 - 2000) was a painter of national and international distinction and an Honorary Fellow of the London Institute. This National Touring Exhibition from the Hayward Gallery finishes its tour around the UK when it comes to London in September. Spotlight on Euan Uglow brings together six paintings and four drawings from the Arts Council Collection, and offers an opportunity to look again at his work. When he died in August 2000, an obituary writer observed that 'a light in English painting has gone out'.

The works include an early still life, a profile of a girl, a mosque in Turkey and three nudes, including the important painting, The Quarry Pignano, 1979-80. Of the four life drawings also shown, Girl Close-To, 1968, is one of the few never intended as a preparatory study, but considered by the artist as a complete work.

Uglow had many admirers, including David Sylvester, Paul Smith and Cherie Blair. His extraordinary paintings were long in the making, pursuing the same objective year after year, using traditional methods and a narrow range of subjects - the model in the studio, portraits, still life and landscape. William Coldstream and the Euston Road School, and its search for visual truth, were important influences. However, Uglow's power lies in the calm and assured way that the motifs hold their place on the canvas and the rich tonal compositions. He gave the same attention to arranging a still life or a model's pose as he would later give to applying paint on canvas, combining mathematical calculation with careful observation.

The exhibition is accompanied by a Spotlight leaflet by Catherine Lampert, former director of Whitechapel Art Gallery, and a close friend of the artist.