A unique collaboration between the British Council and The Photographers’ Gallery London, this exhibition will bring together young artists from all over the United Kingdom to provide a picture of the latest developments in British photography and video. From framed prints to video installation, from projected images to three dimensional works, Reality Check investigates the full range of photography’s contemporary repertoire.

Each participating artist could be described as sharing a belief in the camera’s capacity to transform real experience – whether through re-enactment and visual replay or through rigorous observation and obsessive documentation – into the realm of the poetic. Thus, all the work in the exhibition is inspired by events, situations or phenomenon observed and experienced in the real world; from global conflict to domestic routine, from pornography to personal relationships. Yet none of the artists pursues a simple form of realist or documentary photography. Instead a variety of artistic strategies are used – parody, allegory, comedy, appropriation, voyeurism, performance, anecdote – in order to enrich the video’s or photograph’s ability to describe the world around us. In constantly shifting between the real and the imagined, the perceived and the pretend, the work in Reality Check exhibits a strong sense of displacement, and a related fascination in human subjects who are dislocated in some way, whether emotionally, socially or physically, from themselves and the external world.

The exhibition has been co-curated by Kate Bush, Senior Programmer, The Photographers’ Gallery, London and Brett Rogers, Head of Exhibitions, The British Council, London.

Exhibiting artists will include Roderick Buchanan (video), Kate Buxey (video), Phil Collins (photo and video), Alan Currall (video), Graham Fagen (photo), Dryden Goodwin (video, photo), Luke Gottelier (photo), Saskia Olde Wolbers (video), Nigel Shafran (photo), Lesley Shearer (photo), David Shrigley (photos /drawings), Keith Tyson (installation), Michelle Williams (video), Shizuka Yokomizo (photo), Bettina von Zwehl (photo).

A fully illustrated catalogue with introductory text by Kate Bush, Senior Programmer at the Photographers’ Gallery as well as individual texts on the artists by Brett Rogers will accompany the show. Available from www.cornerhouse.org

ISBN 0 86355 504 7