This exhibition presents for the first time in North Texas the work of one of the most revered younger artists working today. Peter Doig’s recent works on paper demonstrate the artist’s technical expertise and beauty of drawing and painting that have garnered major international acclaim. One of the most adept artists of the last decade to introduce a new vigor into the genre of narrative painting, Doig often begins a work by piecing together and re-creating scenes from stock photographs, some of which he uses and re-uses in changing contexts and configurations. With vibrant color combinations and elaborate painting techniques like dripping and staining, the images Doig creates are tied to reality but have a haunting, hallucinatory beauty that seems to come from the realm of dreams. Drawn from international collections, this exhibition of nearly fifty works will be a rare chance to see Doig’s work, and an equally rare chance to view the work of one of today’s most important younger artists.

Listen to Peter Doig in conversation with Bruce Fergusson at the Art Gallery of Ontario.