Mixtapes: Popular Music in Contemporary Art is a selection of visual artworks that use the materials and imagery that surround and accompany music. It includes artists who acknowledge the influence of album covers, posters, videos, instrumentation and assorted musical paraphenalia in their own work, often referencing the distinct genres, styles and seminal moments of popular music history. Mixtapes also addresses the notion of the artist as a fan, as someone who incorporates their own musical tastes and preferences in making visual art. In this way, the exhibition explores both the intimate and expressive aspects of art and music.

Artists include: Marc Bijl, David Blandy, Anne Collier, Fergus Feehily, Dan Graham, Jim Lambie, David Lamelas, Linder, Dennis McNulty, Bettina Pouttschi, Baldvin Ringsted, Meredyth Sparks, Mika Tajima / New Humans and more.