This Jerwood Collection display presents a selection of Jerwood Painting Prize winning and shortlisted artists.

The Jerwood Painting Prize ran as an annual award from 1994 until 2003. It revived major interest in British art, helping to launch and revitalise the careers of many artists and contribute to their success. The most valuable British art prize at the time, at £30,000  it was awarded in recognition of an artist's recent work rather than for a particular painting.

The vision for the prize was to foster the enjoyment and understanding of painting today and draw attention to the outstanding work being done by painters in Britain. No age limit was set for entrants, and the prize winning artist was selected by an independent panel of judges, including Iwona Blazwick, Andrea Rose and Sir Peter Wakefield.

Since Crucifixion won Craigie Aitchison the first Jerwood Painting Prize in 1994, the Jerwood Collection has been augmented with works by winning artists. These, along with loans from other winners, are what you will see in the gallery from 9 October 2015 - 3 January 2015.