In Print is a touring exhibition of contemporary prints from the Paragon Press. It comprises 107 works by artists including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Richard Deacon, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor and Sarah Morris. The artists in the exhibition span several generations and represent a cross-section of various disciplines such as sculpture, painting and video.. Whilst some of the artists had little previous experience of printmaking, for others such as Terry Frost and Patrick Heron, printmaking was an inherent part of their practice. The common denominator within the selection is that all the prints were commissioned and published by the Paragon Press over the last seven years.

Charles Booth-Clibborn founded the Paragon Press in 1986 whilst still a student at Edinburgh University. Initially he concentrated on work by Scottish artists but has since published work by most of the leading British artists working during the 1990s. Printmaking is sometimes seen as a secondary activity to painting, sculpture or photography but the works in this exhibition demonstrate the continuing vitality of this art form. Often the artists who have worked with Paragon Press have discovered something new about their work through printmaking, and it has become an important aspect of their work as a whole: this is the case, for example, with the Chapmans, Peter Doig and Ian McKeever. In choosing the artists he works with, Charles Booth-Clibborn identified those whose work might find some sympathetic correspondence in a printed medium, be it etching, lithography, screenprint, woodcut, linocut, photogravure or any other printing technique.

The techniques employed range from traditional woodcuts and etchings to works using the latest computer technologies. The exhibition also displays the skill of the printmaking studios – Coriander, Hope (Sufferance) Press, Stoneman Graphics and the Senecio Press amongst others who worked closely with the artists and the publisher.