Humans love telling stories, and need to tell stories.
Stories can persist long after the humans and environments that shaped that story are long gone and forgotten.

After we, ourselves, are gone from this earth - how will we (our lives, our culture) be remembered?
Can we keep the parts of ourselves and our culture that we deem precious alive?
Can we rely on humans in the future continuing our story? Whose version will be told?
What resources will future humans draw upon to understand and interpret our present moment?

Immortality investigates the role artists play in forming these artefacts for the future. Through objects, photography, wall sculpture, etchings, multimedia installations and film, Immortality presents the work by seven living artists as well as works by no longer known artists from the southern Asia-Pacific region. Immortality poses a reflection on ideas of truth, relativism, the archive, and a speculative role for contemporary objects presented to the future.