This was an edited version of Parr’s large thematic exhibition, Home and Abroad, and presented a mini-retrospective of the artist’s work in colour. Parr began as a black and white photographer in the early 1970s but soon became disillusioned with traditional documentary’s claims to objectivity and neutrality. In the early 1980s he began his search for a new ‘subjective’ documentary photographic, a genre which he helped pioneer during the 1980s and which more accurately reflected his feelings about the world. Contemporary consumer society was reflected through his sharp observations of individuals, families and communities going about their everyday life. The use of devices such as fill-in-flash, brash colour and titled camera angles, Parr developed his characteristic photographic language that combined humour and satire with warmth and affection for his subject matter. A postcard pack featuring eight of the images in colour and a brief text by Brett Rogers accompanied the exhibition. (No ISBN number)

A catalogue (Czech only), with an introduction by Vladimir Burgus, was published for the Czech venues. No ISBN number.