An exhibition of sculpture and drawings.

Following the tour of Yugoslavia the exhibition was shown in Basle on its return to the UK. Two large plaster casts, Three standing figures in Battersea Park and of the Draped Reclining Figure in the Time-Life Building, were added to the exhibition for the Canadian tour. The works were shipped from Vancouver to New Zealand to be shown in four venues, and then sent to South Africa for a nine month tour.

Following the South African showings, the exhibition was shown in Spain and Portugal with the addition of a plaster cast of the King and Queen

A catalogue (Serbo-Croat only), with an introduction by Herbert Read, an essay by Karel Dobida and a small selection of Henry Moore's writings, was published to accompany the show in Yugoslavia. No ISBN number. A leaflet/catalogue, published by the British Council, for use in Canada and New Zealand was published, and a separate edition for South Africa and Rhodesia was also published by the British Council. No ISBN numbers. A Porrtuguese version was published by the Secretario Nacional da Informaçâo for the showings in Lisbon and Oporto, and a Spanish language version for the showings in Madrid and Barcelona.

In Switzerland an exhibition of works by Oskar Schlemmer was shown simultaneously by the Kunsthalle Basel