Artists: Olivier Castel, Martin Creed, Graham Gussin, Susan Hiller, David Hockney, Susan Phillipsz and Aura Satz


Haunted House is an exhibition that brings together works from the Grundy’s historic collection alongside those by contemporary artists to imagine the gallery as a charged space in which the artworks suggest unseen presences. The Grundy is a historic building, itself rumoured to be haunted, and this exhibition posits the works in its collection as being akin to ghosts, showing themselves before disappearing again, moved around by the unseen hand of the curator, and with a presence existing in perpetuity even whilst not on show.
Interspersed amidst the collection displays will be works by contemporary artists, suggestive of further unseen forces, and themselves placed by a phantom curatorial presence. The exhibition will bring together works by a selection of critically-acclaimed artists who have examined concerns relating to the supernatural in recent years. Questioning the dichotomies between presence and absence; what is seen and what is felt; what disappears and what remains, as well as the space between the historical and the contemporary, this exhibition considers the potentiality of the artwork and the agency of the imagination.