A British Council exhibition.

This exhibition was selected Janice Tchalenko, one of Britain’s most prominent ceramicists, and provided an overview of contemporary activity in British ceramics. Whilst it did not aim to be comprehensive, the exhibition drew upon the demonstrable strengths and particular histories which are unique to the work produced in Britain over the course of the 20th century. The exhibition opened with a small historical introduction that featured the pots of Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Susie Cooper and Keith Murray. 90 works by 45 makers were included and covered a broad range of styles and approaches from traditional rural production (Sven Bayer, Clive Bowen, John Leach) and small batch production (Jane Hamlyn, Nigel Lambert A & J Young) to industrially produced ceramics (Queensberry Hunt and Bodo Spurlein). Also featured were artists potters (Wally Keeler, Rupert Spira, Takeshi Yasuda), as well as those who explored figurative work (Philip Eglin, Jill Crowley, Mary Jo Doherty) and sculptural vessels (Alison Britton, Carol McNicoll, Magdalene Odundo, Ken Eastman). Works were drawn from the British Council collection and from public institutions such as the Crafts Council as well as private collectors and individual makers. A fully illustrated catalogue was published in Portuguese, with an introduction by Janice Tchalenko, descriptions of the work of each maker and a technical glossary. ISBN 0 86355 459 8