An exhibition of contemporary kitchenware spanning the broadest spectrum of design, and representing a diverse range of approaches to contemporary craft. This is a lighthearted look at some of the most innovative and witty design being produced in the UK today, juxtaposed with more traditional ceramic pieces.

The exhibition focuses on work by both young and established craftsmen and designers, including amongst others; Julian Stair, Edmund De Waal, Rupert Spira, David Clarke, Robert Dawson, Nicholas Rena, Daniel Fisher, Gilda Westermann, Dai Rees, Paul Smith, Louisa Raven, Geraldine McGloin, Unity Peg, Hub and Suck UK .

The selection concentrates primarily on glass and flatware conceived for both storage and presentation. Whilst the exhibition includes works that could be considered “exhibition pieces”, such as Nick Rena’s large white earthenware jug which has been dyed with inks and polished with beeswax or Julian Stair’s Five Cups (porcelain and basalt cups on a handbuilt red stoneware ground) others such as Suck’s salt and pepper snooker-balls, are mass produced and available at modest cost from leading British stores.

A small publication was produced to accompany the showISBN 0863555152 Available from Cornerhouse