A British Section, of fifteen paintings, was sent at the request of the Danish Society to an international exhibition toured in Denmark. Nine paintings by Coldstream, Colquhoun, Ben Nicholson and Sutherland were included from the British Council's collection. The remaining six works, by W.G. Gillies, William MacTaggart and Anne Redpath, had been borrowed through the Scottish office of the Arts Council.

Other countries represented:

Belgium: Gustave Camus, Rene Magritte, Antoin Mortier, Edgar Tytgat, Jan Vaerten

France: Jean Arp, Andre Block, Le Corbusier, Jean Dewasne, Domela, Herbin. Robert Jacobsen, Fernand Leger, Magnelli, Richard Mortensen, Vasarely

Netherlands: Karen Apel, Gerrit Benner, Corneille, Leo Gestel, Herman Kruyder, Bart Van Der Leck,  P Ouborg, Vordemerge Gildewaart, H N Werkman

Italy: Afro, Renato Birolli, Bruno Cassinari, Gorgio Morandi, Mattia Moreni, Ennio Morlotti, Mario Sironi, Arturo Tosi

Luxembourg: Dahlem Will, Henru Dillenbourg, Francois Gillen, Edmond Goergeb, Matt Hoffman, Victor Jungblut, Frantz Kinnen, Irene Nadler, Michel Stoffel

Switzerland: Oskar Dalvitt, Karl Hosch, W Jonas, Karl Liner, Karl Schlageter

 A catalogue (Danish only) introducing the work of each country was published to accompany the show. No ISBN number.