From 29 May 2010 Yorkshire Sculpture Park will present a rich and extensive exhibition of work by David Nash, tracing the evolution of the artist's forty year career and offering a vivid statement of his life's work. Sculpture, installation and drawings will range across the Park and include new monumental works for the Underground Gallery, a retrospective survey in Longside Gallery and contextual displays from the artist's archive alongside sculpture in the open air and a permanent outdoor commission. This is envisaged to be the largest exhibition, present or future, by an internationally acclaimed artist who has developed an eloquent understanding of trees, working with their traits to create sculpture, installation, projects and related drawings.

The Underground Gallery will feature imposing new works, including huge redwood craggs and large black eucalyptus spheres, which the artist is currently making in California. The expansive Longside Gallery will present a survey of retrospective work from the artist's and international collections. The Bothy Gallery will illustrate one of the artist's most celebrated projects, Wooden Boulder, a large piece of 200 year-old oak released into a stream in the Welsh mountains in 1978, whose journey is documented through drawing, film and photography. The Garden Gallery will show works from the artist's archive, which explore the development of his practice.

The exhibition will be documented through a specially commissioned artist film by Pete Telfer, edited alongside archive footage, presenting a fascinating insight into the artist and his practice. There will also be a box set of four publications with texts by Ben Tufnell, Peter Murray, Dr Sabine Schlenker and the artist. The artist will also present a limited edition print and a limited edition twig sculpture.