An exhibition of drawings and watercolours curated by Geoffrey Grigson in 1951 and drawn from the British Council Collection. This exhibition was a mainstay of the touring exhibition programme and underwent various revivals during its lifespan. Works by Sickert, Gilman, Gwen John and Frances Hodgkins, as well as Moore, Sutherland and a few younger artists were added for a tour of New Zealand, and the exhibition was shown in Israel and Portugal on its return to the UK. The exhibition was reformulated again with the addition of works by artists such as Robert Adams, Eduardo Paolozzi and Alan Reynolds, for a tour of Canada from October 1955 to May 1957, and revived again in the 1960s for showings in the Middle and Far East; and finally in the 1970s for showings in Europe.  The exhibition was also seen in Bermuda in 1974/5It toured to museums and galleries in Toulouse, Nourges, Nevers, Firming, Cergy-Pontoise, Le Mans, Yerres, Nice, Agen, Strasbourg. and Evry during 1975/76.  

The exhibition would return regularly to London for conservation checks and refurbishment. Some works would be withdrawn for exhibition purposes elsewhere to rejoin the show at a later date.

Various language editions of the catalogue, with Grigson’s introduction and notes on the artists, were published. No ISBN numbers.