Walking repetitively in a line, making a circle of pebbles, arranging sticks in their hundreds, using mud as paint and piling up stones are just some of the many ways in which Richard Long has interacted with the landscape to mark-make, highlight, trace, document a journey or acknowledge his environment. As a student in 1967 Long completed, ‘A Line Made By Walking’ – a photograph of a field edged by a wood showing a narrow strip of grass, flattened by the action of him repeatedly walking it. This work, alongside other pieces which have a relationship to the South West, Cornish Slate Ellipse, 2009 and Three Moors, are included within this exhibition.

Richard Long, won the Turner Prize in 1989 and is one of Britain’s most significant artists. This exhibition draws from the ARTIST ROOMS collection and in addition a further two pieces have been loaned from the British Council.

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