All Creatures Great and Smallis a continuation of the exhibition Hot/Cold – Summer Loving (2006), but with reference to the world of animals and its relations with the world of humans. The aim of the exhibition is to go beyond thinking about love solely as a phenomenon from one human to another and thus to question the dogmatic anthropocentrism that situates man in the centre of the universe as the final and most perfect creation of evolution. This is also an important element in the philosophical discourse of recent years, developed by such leading thinkers as Bataille, Derrida, Lacan, Lévinas, Žižek, and Jameson… The contemporary philosophical debate goes beyond just considering the “animality of animals” to attack the very founding assumptions of Western logic and philosophy, according to which from the time of Descartes the animal world is degraded to a subordinate rank of that of thinking people. A similar transformation can be observed in the works of contemporary artists, both from Poland and overseas.