The 24th Biennale was divided into four section, the central exhibition was Print World curated by Breda Skrjanec and was an ambitious project that encompassed all aspects of printmaking by leading artists from around the world. The selection of works for this section included The Last Supper, a series of large format screenprints by Damien Hirst on loan from the British Council collection. In The Last Supper, Hirst’s thirteen prints mimicked the graphic design of medicinal packaging, whilst making reference to the famous image of the disciples seated at Christ’s table for His last meal. Hirst altered the label design to describe food stuffs, and by doing so posed questions on the nature of religious belief as sustenance for the body and soul as well as our faith in the healing qualities of pharmaceutical products. Following the showing of The Last Supper at the Ljubljana Print Biennale, the portfolio toured as a small independent exhibition.