Laura Aldridge (born Frimley; 1978) studied at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of Arts London in London and The Glasgow School of Art. Aldridge works with a variety of materials including photography, screen-print, ceramics and fabric and moves between wall-based reliefs and sculptural installations using fabric, images (both photographic and silk-screened) and found objects to create installations that the artist describes as ‘expanded collage’. ‘Initially, using fabric meant I could work quickly and on a large scale, I liked that it could hold form and colour, but I was also excited that it could be both a flat surface and an object, that it could be both two and three dimensional.’[1]

Aldridge’s work often explores touch and she describes wanting ‘to make present a desire for tactile gratification without ever offering it properly’ as well as ‘thinking about where the work happens, somewhere between the work and the body. I guess I’m interested in bodies as a subject and an object at the same time.’[2]


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