© (c) The artist and Carl Freedman Gallery, London

Kim Dotcom Under House Arrest, Dotcom Mansion, Auckland 2013 (Second Version) 2014

Michael Fullerton (1971 – )


200 x 105 cm
oil on linen
Accession number


Fullerton chooses the people in his portraits carefully, often representing someone tied to complex political histories. Depicting them singly in the frame, he works with and against traditional assumptions of portraiture, exploring how much information a painting can store about its subject and what is left as a remainder. This painting was originally shown at the Glasgow Print Studio, which included portraits of well-known individuals relating to issues of technology, communication and justice. Kim Dotcom, file-sharing mogul, was charged by the United States for copyright infringement worth $500 million. Fullerton travelled to New Zealand to meet the controversial figure as part of an international residency programme Below another sky.  

This is one of three portraits of Kim Dotcom produced between the years 2013 and 2015. 

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