Jack Freak Pictures is Gilbert & George's most extensive and ambitious series of works to date. Race, religion, sexuality and criticism of the British establishment are the core themes that this new exhibition explores, whilst the dominant elements are the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. The series of large works are reminiscent of Gothic stained-glass windows or giant kaleidoscopes.

The works in the exhibition take their inspiration from a variety of sources: a London street guide (HANBURY STREET DANCE, 2008); the trees in the artists’ back yard (IT SHALL BE WRITTEN, 2008); and medals symbolising feelings such as pride and patriotism (BLEEDING MEDALS, 2008).

Two films are being shown alongside the exhibition - the documentary Tim Marlow with Gilbert & George (2007) and The World of Gilbert & George (1981) which was written and directed by the artists.

The exhibition toured various venues and countries across Europe until February 2012 supported by the British Council.