Forest invites us to get back to nature and experience all that is wondrous and magical about the wooded landscape. Featuring some of the most influential contemporary artists working today such as Mariele Neudecker, Dalziel + Scullion and Turner Prize-nominated artist Anya Gallaccio, Forest brings together a diverse and exciting selection of works which explore the mysteries of the woodland environment. Showing works by 13 artists, this exhibition addresses not only the striking landscape of the natural world but also the cultural context of the forest in our increasingly urban environment, bringing together a body of work which stimulates both the eyes and the mind. As the artist Roger Kelly observes in the catalogue, this exhibition “re-emphasises that the landscape will always be that ‘other’ place, greater, stronger, darker, deeper, and somehow always unfamiliar.” Combining photography, painting, video and an extraordinary waxwork installation by Ken Parsons, Forest explores both the literal and metaphorical visions of the woodlands, and the mythical enchantment of the ‘other’ world contained within its foliage. Forest is a Wolverhampton Art Gallery touring exhibition