In 2003 Damien Hirst, one of Britain’s most celebrated artists, accepted an invitation from the Ljubljana International Biennale of Graphic Arts to produce a completely new show for their 25th Biennale. The invitation followed in the wake of the prestigious Biennale Grand Prize awarded to Hirst in 2001 for his suite of ‘Last Supper’ prints.

For Ljubljana, Hirst chose to put together his first-ever exhibition of drawings.  Spanning his entire career, the exhibition consisted of approximately 150 drawings drawn from a large number of public and private collections.  They ranged from early drawings done when Hirst was a teenager to intimate drawings made for close friends. The exhibition also included preparatory sketches for some of Hirst’s well-known sculptural work as well as sketches and ideas for future work; Hirst also included his sculpture From the Cradle to the Grave (2000) in the exhibition.  The range of material is broad and eclectic, shadowing the countless interests and enthusiasms of the artist and casting a unique insight into the life and working methods of this much publicised artist.

A fully illustrated 360-page catalogue and a limited-edition T-shirt accompanied the show, designed by the artist in collaboration with Jason Beard.  The catalogue features the most complete set of Hirst’s drawings available at that time.