The exhibition Trespassers Will Be Detected? is the culmination of SWAP, an arts residency programme, including ten artists from the UK and Ukraine.


You can now view the 360-degree online version of this international exhibition online and find yourself transported to Dnipro in Ukraine without ever leaving home.


SWAP: UK/Ukraine Residency

SWAP: UK/Ukraine is an annual arts residency programme for artists and curators organised by the British Council in Ukraine. The programme is a collaborative effort between some of the UK and Ukraine’s most innovative and experimental arts’ institutes.

The ten artists involved in the 2019 SWAP programme, which took place in both the UK and Ukraine, presented the results of their residencies at the Artsvit Gallery and the Dnipro Contemporary Culture Centre. You can read their names below and find out more about these artists here.

In the UK, the lead partner for 2019 was Hospitalfield, and a number of partner institutions in Scotland – Cove Park, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, The Pier Arts Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio (DCA), Glasgow Sculpture Studios and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW).

In Ukraine, the British Council has partnered with the Yermilov Centre in Kharkiv; the Jam Factory Art Centre and the Centre for Urban History, Lviv; the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, Odesa; the Artsvit Gallery and Kultura Medialna and the Dnipro Contemporary Culture Centre (DCCC), all in Dnipro, Ukraine.



British Council Ukraine's partners VONO have published a publication charting the SWAP 2019 residencies online, which you can read here.


SWAP: Ukraine-based artists

Yevgen Nikiforov (b. 1986, Vasylkiv, Ukraine)

Oleksandra Kadzevych (b.1991, Odesa, Ukraine)

Taras Kovach (b. 1982, Uzhgorod, Ukraine)


Ukrainian Curator-in-residence

Anastasiia Khlestova (b. 1989, Luhansk)


SWAP: UK-based artists

Jocelyn McGregor (b. 1989, Boston, UK)

Manca Bajec (b. 1982, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Alishia Farnan (b.1992, Glasgow, Scotland)

Catherine Losing (b. 1985, Doncaster, UK)

Robbie Coleman (b.1960, Kelowna, Canada) and Jo Hodges (b.1962, Ipswich, UK) Loreal Prystaj

Loreal Prystaj (b. 1990, New York, USA)