Joshua Lue Chee Kong, an artist, researcher and collector from Trinidad and Tobago, is currently in London taking part in a residency at Delfina Foundation.

His stay is part of a new UK | Caribbean/Caribbean | UK artist residency programme focusing on trans-Atlantic exchanges between the UK, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, which is supported by the British Council, UK partners (Delfina Foundation in partnership with Autograph, Gasworks and Hospitalfield Arts) and Caribbean partners (NLS Kingston in Jamaica and Alice Yard in Trinidad).

Joshua’s practice focuses on Caribbean narratives around colonialism and the way it has shaped the social fabric of the region. Whilst at Delfina Foundation, Joshua is dedicated to researching and exploring Autograph’s archives in order to develop a new project based on the relations between British Empire and Trinidad Tobago in the 19th century.

"Sometimes I don’t realize I am working. It is becoming difficult for me to differentiate between work and everyday life. Those barriers are becoming blurred and I am comfortable with that as my everyday experiences are becoming a part of my practice in the development of my work." Joshua Lue Chee Kong

You can read about Joshua’s residency on his blog, where he outlines the organisations and curators he has met, the museums he has visited, his mudlarking experience along the Thames and the display of his collection of shards at the Royal College of Art’s Open House show at Delfina Foundation.

On 21 June, head to Autograph in London to hear Joshua talk about his practice as an artist who has also taken on unofficial roles as a historian, archaeologist and archivist. 

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