Thanks to a great collaboration with DzygaMediaLab, our programme of artists’ films from the UK was shown in cities across Ukraine, including Ternopil, Kherson and Dnipro, and seen by over 300 attendees from April – June 2017.

Over 200 people attended the screening at Artsvit gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine on 7 June. Video artist Max Afanasyev commented:

“On the one hand, it’s quite a challenge to watch 2 hours and 30 minutes of video art during one event. But, on the other hand, there were no weak art pieces in this collection: rhythm, logic, interaction, poetry, game – all in place. And whatever happens on the screen, regardless of the amount of narrative or contemplation, figurative or abstraction, mathematics or poetics, everything was truly beautiful. For me it was that definition of 'beautiful', which could be described as tuning fork to adjust the taste.”  

Moving Pictures is an artist film programme curated by British Council in partnership with Film London and features works by John Akomfrah, Rachel Maclean, Elizabeth Price, James Richards, Laure Prouvost and many other artists. The programme has been shown in 12 countries around the world, from Azerbaijan to New Zealand to India.

Moving Pictures continues its tour to Greece, where it will be shown from 28 June until 13 July at State of Concept, a non-profit gallery in Athens. One of the participating artists, Anja Kirschner, introduces the programme on 28 June.

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