A series of eight etchings by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Published 1971 by Editions Alecto Ltd for British Olivetti Ltd in an edition of 75. Printed at Alecto Studios, London.

An introduction by the Artist

This set of sixteen images in tandem are accurate translations of paintings based on photographs spanning a period of time from 1952 up to the present. The collecting of material from magazines, books and newspapers has been a continual search for meaning starting from early school days. In some cases illustrations from books have formed the bases of certain sculptures (MR CRUIKSHANK 1950). Four images in this portfolio have reasonable historic value being originally presented with a diverse amount of images at the ICA in 1952.

The radical nature of this lecture has never been properly assessed but is nevertheless homogenous with the current paintings and sculptures.

A difficulty in assessing aesthetic value in these works is emphasised by the monolithic concepts concerning all the GREAT MECHNICAL ARTS.

The schism that separates Space Age Engineering, technical photography, film making and types of street-art from fine art activities is for many people/artists unbridgeable.

Within the grand system of paradoxes, the theme of this portfolio is the Human Predicament. Content enlarged by precision. History shaded into the grey scale as in the television tube.

Eduardo Paolozzi
London 1971