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25 WATT MOON 1996

Abigail Lane (1967 – )


59.3 X 29 CM
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There is a deathly sense of impending tragedy in 25 Watt Moon, a photolithograph image derived from her film of the same name. Moths repeatedly encircle the weak light bulb, colliding with it in their delicate excitement; the seductive light which is finally of no use to them and is likely to accelerate their deaths. The low wattage implies low life, and the setting is ambiguous: is this a cheap hotel, tenement or charnel house? In the context of Lane’s previous works, this scene takes on the identity of aftermath, evidence of an event as much as portents of things to come. For her 1995 installation Bloody Wallpaper, she used the image of marks made by a murder victim with their own blood, in the last desperate flailings or an attempt at communication, as the repeated pattern on wallpaper. Actions leave evidence, and many of her works have built fragile narratives upon traces, a note here, a print there.

Multiple Choice: Prints by Young British Artists, The British Council 1997