Born in Glasgow in 1967, Nathan Coley is an artist whose work mainly comprises photography and wall based pieces.

He gained a degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art and participated in many mixed exhibitions including The Festival of Plagiarism at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Love at First Sight(1992) at the Showroom; Swarm (1995) at Scottish Arts Council Travelling Gallery; Correspondences,/i> (1997-8) at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Days Like These (2003) at Tate Britain.

Coley is deeply interested in religious architecture and between 1996-97 produced Urban Sanctuary, a commission that stemmed from the refurbishment of the Stills Gallery’s Edinburgh premises. In 2003 he produced Black Tent, a work for consecrated ground made from coloured panels strung together to resemble the Old Testament.

Other exhibitions include the Fruitmarket Gallery in 2004 and Haunch of Venison in 2005.

He lives and works in Glasgow.

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