Darren Almond was born in Wigan and studied at Winchester School of Art. He is renowned for his evocative photography, films, sculptures and installations which manifest his singular exploration of time and atmosphere. His photography in particular refers to a meditative portrayal of landscape. His solo exhibition Darren Almond: Night as Day at the Tate in 2001 consisted of long exposure photographs taken at night. The result is an arresting portrayal of nature: the long exposure lens giving the photographs a particular clarity and colour, with only the uncanny quietness and the atmosphere giving away the fact that they were actually taken at night. Seen in the context of romantic landscapes and the work of William J.M. Turner, Almond encourages the viewer to reflect on their sense of place within nature, and their perception of space. The idea of the journey is also important in Almond’s work. In 2003, his film If I had you, installed at the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi explores amongst other things the particular atmosphere of Blackpool Dance Halls, symbols of a bygone era in the north-west of England.

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