Viewing works from the British Council Collection 

Our Collection has no permanent gallery so it is not always possible to view works. A large proportion of our Collection is on loan to other major museum and gallery exhibitions in the UK and overseas. Through this website, you can find out where works are currently on show.

If you are interested in seeing specific works and cannot find details of them on the website, please contact the Head of Collection:

Borrowing works from the British Council Collection  

Our standard procedure is outlined below, however please read changes for loan requests leading up to and during 2024-2025.

Loans leading up to and during 2024 - 2025

British Council Collection’s operational base is moving from London to Coventry. Our ability to facilitate loans will be significantly impacted leading up to the move, and will be minimal in 2024 and 2025. New requests for loans will be considered on an individual basis and may not be operationally possible.


We welcome requests to borrow British Council Collection works for exhibitions in the UK and around the world. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee availability as works may be included in our own programmes or could be on loan elsewhere.

Written loan requests can be sent via email to for the attention of the Head of Collection.

We ask that requests should be submitted at least nine months before the opening date of the exhibition. We expect borrowers to meet all costs involved such as packing, insurance and transport.  This could also include the costs of commercial storage and/or international freight. The British Council Collection loans team can advise potential borrowers of likely costs.