Completing a series of three exhibitions which explore the relationship between science and art, the Terrace Gallery, in collaboration with The Culture Company, presents a unique juxtaposition of the work of 18th century artist George Stubbs and contemporary artist Mark Wallinger. Viewed side by side, the exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into the similarities between the two and the marked influence Stubbs exerts over one of the most thought-provoking and innovative artists of today. Set within the sumptuous surroundings of Harewood House, the Terrace Gallery is an unrivalled venue in which to examine two artists whose work speaks profoundly of class and ‘Englishness’.

George Stubbs (1724-1806) is regarded as the quintessential equine painter, Wallinger as a key player in the contemporary art scene. Almost 300 years separates the production of their work yet they bear similarities of theme and content and both comment upon society through the metaphor of the horse. Harewood House will present 30 extraordinary drawings and sketches – brought together for the first time – from which Stubbs engraved the plates for his celebrated The Anatomy of the Horse, in the Watercolour Room. A series of Wallinger’s work, under the title Race, Sex, Class, will be hung in the adjacent Terrace Gallery. Staged together, the exhibition offers a challenging and remarkable insight into the resonance between two of Britain’s finest artists – centuries apart yet dramatically close in thought. It also underlines Harewood House’s commitment to become a showcase to the most prominent contemporary artists.