Our contemporary world consists of a universe made up of international communications, dialogue, and the exchange of opinions that enables the family of man to view the future together and achieve exalted values and cordial ties. We live at a time wherein the Islamic Republic of Iran has sponsored the Dialogue Among Civilizations whilst at the same time crisis and turmoil prevails and displays the struggle of good versus evil in the world today. Mankind's united vision of the world today observes both the joys and sorrows that we endure in common and will surely create a solution for the current problems of the world.

Perhaps in many other fields, different outlooks produce varying results. However, when it comes to artistic expression, the works of artists all lead to a sympathetic concordance and photography, among other forms of visual arts, is the realization of this common view. Through their cameras' lens photographers around the world survey and record the events that surround them, to which the rest of us, ordinary people remain indifferent and move on.

The exhibition of European photographers at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art organized with the cooperation of the European Union Embassies in Tehran, is an effective initiative and will promote cordial Irano-European ties. It is further proof that our expanding relations have managed to avoid bias and prejudice on any of the issues and controversies on the prevailing order in the world. The photographers, some of whom are prominent artists, excel in their own realms in Europe and will open up a new horizon to the spectators of this exhibition. The viewers may not find anything tangible in what they observe, but they will be able to focus on what the photographer so often sees through his eyepiece and thereby achieve a measure of harmony, sympathy, and exaltation which is the inspiration of all mankind.

H.E. Ahmad Masjed Jamei
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance