Shown as part of the Earagail Arts Festival, the Glebe Gallery proudly presents a collection of paintings which looks back over a century of Irish art, a century that saw enormous change on the Island of Ireland. The collection explores the rich and varied approach artists take to paint in Ireland and includes works by artists as diverse as Sean Scully, Patrick Collins and Louis LeBrocquy. Also included are works by Ciaran Lennon, Paul Doran and Ciaran Lennon. Most of the represented artists are Irish by birth or have lived and worked for the most part in Ireland; some are part of the million strong Irish diaspora; others came to live and work here with no previous Irish connection. Painting has become marginalised in recent years and is now only a small subset of art in general, one that is often much maligned. The truth remains that it is very difficult to make a good painting and, while this exhibition is not intended to form a complete survey of painting in Ireland, it is a collection of good paintings, a collection of works that revel in paint.