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KAYAK 1961

Bryan Wynter (1915 – 1975)


122 X 152.4 CM
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Much of Wynter’s work was preoccupied with the evocation of space, largely achieved by the application of a mesh of superimposed patterns of brush-marks, creating the effect of layers of space through which they eye can penetrate. These explorations of space behind or beneath the picture surface are apparent in Kayak. The title refers to Wynter’s lifelong passion for canoeing, whereby he explored the coastal and inland waters of Cornwall and elsewhere. The floating marks, moving, above and below each other, reflect the rhythmic patterns of moving water and transmit some of the mesmeric experience of sitting at very close quarters to the deep water, staring into the constantly fluctuating shadows and light both on and below the surface at the paddle strikes into it. It is a very direct transcription of a deeply felt physical experience, and effectively conveys Wynter’s strength as an artist of extreme sensitivity to natural phenomena.