The Art of Dissonance, a group exhibition drawn mainly from the British Council Collection, opened last month at Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) in Korea, and we are delighted that three of the 16 featured artists are heading to Seoul in early November to take part in events.

On 2 November, British Council Collection artists Alan Kane& and Ed Hall lead a tour of exhibition.

Kane will introduce Folk Archive, one of our largest works in the British Council Collection comprising of 280 objects, created with artist Jeremy Deller. Folk Archive is a modern-day collection of cultural artefacts and social documents, cataloguing the pastimes, pursuits, and the weird and wonderful community traditions across the UK today.

Contemporary banner-maker Ed Hall will talk through his 18 banners in this exhibition. Hall creates striking, richly coloured banners for trade unions, campaign groups and grassroots organisations. The banners at SeMA were produced for causes such as a campaign against climate change, anti-cuts march, lawyers against war group and pensioners’ protests, including a new banner commissioned by SeMA for this exhibition.

On 4 November, Turner Prize nominee Lubaina Himid gives a lecture focusing on the ground-breaking exhibitions of Black female artists that she curated in the 1980s.

"[The exhibition] is a forum for us to experience the power of art to change the world, change our vision and change our senses." Choi Hyo-jun, Director of SeMA

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