Small galleries, such as Smiths Row, play an important role in  supporting early and mid-career artists by providing opportunities to exhibit, create new work and professional training which enables them to move “up the ladder” to exhibit at major London or international galleries that do not have the remit or capacity work with them in their early careers . 

Artists in the exhibition include Susan Collis, Freddie Robins and Caroline Wright, Haroon Mirza, Ben Coode-Adams, Catherine Bertola, Maxine Bristow and Roger Hiorns.

Out of all the artists we have worked with over the years these artists have been selected because their work explores seeming contradictions within their use of media and a tendency to subvert conventions within contemporary visual art, particularly in using craft techniques.  Mirza’s combines materials that are considered incompatible such as electricity and water, Robin’s sculpts with knitting and textiles playing on words to make visual suggestions.