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Adrian Wiszniewski (1958 – )


56 X 75.5 CM
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Whilst in his final year at University Charles Booth-Clibborn published The Scottish Bestiary under his imprint The Paragon Press. Booth-Clibborn had invited the Orkney born writer George Mackay Brown to produce texts, in the form of poetry and prose, to accompany 20 prints by Scottish artists depicting 19 animals – real and mythological. Wiszniewski one of the first artists Booth-Clibborn approached and he chose to make lithographs of the Dragon, Salmon and Unicorn. In the end Wiszniewski made three prints in three different media and exchanged the Salmon for the Raven. Apart from two etchings these were the first prints the artist had made. Dragonwas drawn onto newsprint and the drawing transferred to lithographic stone.

Further reading:
Contemporary Art in Print, Scottish National Gallery of Modern and The Paragon Press, 1995, texts by Jeremy Lewison, Duncan Macmillan and Patrick Elliott