Chodzko Adam-P8496

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Although: Test Prints for the New Arrivals 2010

Adam Chodzko (1965 – )


30.4c m x 25.5cm
Digital print, screen print on 115gsm
Accession number


Although.Test Prints for the New Arrivals arose through imagining that by chance, or design, various groups using a print studio/print shop have no other paper to use for their tests decide that they must cut the pages from this book that happens to be lying around. Its information is considered redundant since it was published 3 years before the Iranian revolution.

A silk screen image is printed (perhaps for a record label, or fabric pattern etc) showing a distorted (melted) logo from the Iranian Space Agency. (There was some controversy (in reality) relating to this logo when there was a recent redesign of the Pentagon’s Missile Defence Agency. It appeared to be fusing Barack Obama’s Campaign logo with the Muslim Crescent Moon and the sign for the Iranian Space Agency.

Further recycling of the pages see a wood engraving appearing, depicting an image of a black sun, black hole, flower or anus. As individual prints, each collector is getting something more than an identical multiple, and yet they are also getting something less; it is a fragment of a whole.

- Adam Chodzko, 2014