Rupert Spira studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design and from 1980-82 trained with Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge. His work has been shown in a number of exhibitions, and he has undertaken a range of commissions from 18,000 tiles for a private garden in Paris to large exterior panels for an office development in Ludgate Circus, London. In 1996 he designed a range of works for the Donna Karan store in New Bond Street, London. Spira’s work has changed over the years from Cardewesque wares, with spidery brushed decoration, produced in a rural tradition to something simpler and more metropolitan. His work has become plainer, more severe and less emotional. The works are thrown stoneware and fired in a gas reduction kiln. The glazes – white, black, copper red and celadon – are simple and seductive, with an intensity that emphasises the form of the object. Spira does not regard his work as precious, they are made to be used but for him function is simply part of the dialogue between maker and user.