Bodo Sperlein was born in Germany and studied three-dimensional design at Camberwell College of Art. He was awarded a setting up grant by the Crafts Council in 1998 and a Sainsbury Scholarship the same year. His work has been shown in Europe and the USA, and he has been commissioned by Browns South Moulton, Street and Nymphenburg Porzellan Manafaktur, Munich to design gift and tableware. Spurlein’s interest lies in the industrial possibilities of ceramics. He has said ‘When I started at Camberwell School of Art in the early 90s, ceramics was very ‘brown rice’. It had about as much street cred as needlework’. He has experimented with bone china and is the only designer to work with VPP, vitreous china strengthened with polyurethane resin which can be produced in sheets as fine as paper.