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Lisa Milroy (1959 – )


189.2 X 198.1 CM
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The artist wrote of this painting that she had ‘wanted to make some paintings which had a thin flat surface. A piece of paper, as an object, seemed an obvious choice for the subject of a painting; but paper that had an image of some sort inscribed on its surface seemed more interesting to paint, which resulted in some paintings of Japanese prints. Having found a direct way of painting several scenes, and then wanting to describe the surface as something more fragile than the prints had suggested, a collection of stamps became the subject of the next group of paintings. These were followed by paintings of butterflies (there is no obvious connection between stamps and butterflies, there was a similarity in how I could paint each object.) A butterfly was similar in scale to a stamp, and involved the same, small quick brushstrokes, but these marks added up to something completely different to that of a landscape or portrait. By travelling from one part of the canvas to another, the different pictures on each stamp refer to many different aspects of the world. The smallness of the image takes on a grander scale in mind.'

Cries & Whispers New Works for the British Council Collection The British Council 1988