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BEAN 2002

Geraldine McGloin (1966 – )


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“My work is essentially functional often with an emphasis on interaction and adaptability in alternative solutions for domestic living. Inspiration can come from anywhere — food, cooking, table culture, interiors, fashion, graphics or urban surroundings.

Constantly striving for perfection in form as well as decoration, the making process is complex, working from designs on paper to model prototypes, working moulds and finally to finished product. All the work, though slip cast, is treated as a ‘one-off’ and individually hand finished. I sometimes use familiar forms in unfamiliar ways. The ‘Beano’ range comprising of a kidney shaped dish, ‘Beano’, ‘Beanie’ and ‘Runner’, is reminiscent of a hospital specimen dish. The work contains a strong interactive element. Each piece has an individual function but together make bold group statements. Although function is a driving force in my work, I still want the user to have options, in order to enhance and add to their enjoyment of domestic life and not strictly dictate how the work is used.”

Everything but … ,The British Council 2003