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Chad McCail (1961 – )


242.4 X 242.4 CM
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Chad McCail’s large drawing functions as a zoom shot from an aerial perspective of an urban area. Every centimetre is drawn with such intense detail that individual narratives in different sections of the whole are visible, producing not just an accurate recording of every geographical and architectural detail but also a schematic representation of an account of insurrection by the citizens of a cruel totalitarian regime. Amidst the extreme order of the housing estate and its adjacent factory and Obedience Testing Centre, the new season referred to in the title appears to have prompted an apocalyptic uprising. As control is seized in each locality, it seems that the citizenry will only achieve freedom from tyranny when they have gained dominance of the land, the most powerful of commodities. From a perspective once believed to have been God’s alone, until the 14th century when Petrarch climbed Mont Ventoux and saw the world from above, we focus on a landscape revealing a familiar tale of contested power and territory.

The artist and Simon Yuill have further developed the drawing into a web based ‘discovery’. www.spring-alpha.org

Landscape, The British Council 2000