'Proposal for Sarah Gillett...

On line Artist's Residency: Desk Project 2012

Peter Liversidge (1973 – )


Digital slide show running 24 hours a day for 365 days
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Proposal for Sarah Gillett... is the first digital commission for the British Council Collection. In this new work, Liversidge charts the physical personalisation of the organisation's work spaces. This snapshot of working life was taken just as British Council began to embrace new working environments and practices rooted in the fluid, de-personalised sphere of itinerant and flexible working.

The individual desks of those working within Arts Group at the British Council London offices were photographed over Summer 2012 by Peter Liversidge. Subsequently the whole team has been moved into new smart-working offices, where the idiosyncrasies and sometimes years worth of personalisation have been removed. The digital slideshow presenting the character and personality of those in Arts Group was shown online for the period on one year.