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Grenville Davey (1961 – )


72 X 83.5 CM
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The basis of this print suite is two found objects; a glass eye and a glass bottle stopper. These were photographed from forty different angles and the resulting images manipulated repeatedly, using both manual cut-and-paste and computer software, new at the time. The artist became fully involved in the computer techniques used to manipulate the images in his print, and the project was made over a period of a year. He regarded the process as a period of research which related very closely to his sculpture of the same period. Davey explored the relationship between the two objects: their formal similarity, their known function and dysfunction, and his observation that the stopper had more light within it than the eye. The objects’ circular forms are reminiscent of Davey’s coolly formalistic sculptures, which frequently use the geometry of the disc and which on occasion refer to the eye. The final portfolio comprised 6 works in three pairs focussing and refocusing on the eye and stopper, increasing and decreasing the pixel ratio and lightening and darkening colours, spot varnishes were used to bring the eye or stopper out of the background.

The screenprints were published by Charles Booth-Clibborn under his imprint The Paragon Press in 1993 and were printed by Coriander (London) Ltd in an edition of 40.

Multiple Choice: Prints by Young British Artists, The British Council 1997

Further reading:
Contemporary Art in Print, Scottish National Gallery of Modern and The Paragon Press, 1995, texts by Jeremy Lewison, Duncan Macmillan and Patrick Elliott